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    Boris Dobrin is the Founder and CEO of the Dobrin Network, a privately held group of firms that are revolutionizing the way people access and experience products and services across a variety of industries. As CEO, Dobrin manages all corporate operations, including The Testing Company, Dobrin Group's main organization that provides free COVID-19 testing to events, enterprises, organizations, and individuals across the country.


    Dobrin grew raised in Lviv, Ukraine, to a family of competent engineers, overcoming everyday issues and obstacles. His innate problem-solving abilities and curiosity in bettering the environment around him are fueled by his entrepreneurial DNA. Dobrin was raised in Southern California and began his work as a teller at Wells Fargo before founding his first venture, BD Investments, at the age of 19. Dobrin went on to successfully develop a cutting-edge food delivery technology platform and eventually disrupt the lucrative (but technologically challenged) healthcare sector.


    Dobrin's strategy of applying tomorrow's technologies to improve today's traditional business model has proven effective in boosting productivity and favorably benefiting the user experience and organizational bottom line.


    Dobrin, based in Los Angeles, CA, has developed the Dobrin Group and its subsidiaries to a workforce of hundreds of individuals around the country, servicing hundreds of thousands of customers each month.

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